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Bientot 9 ans que Fallout 2 a vu le jour, et toujours pas le moindre jeu capable de rivaliser !!! Face à ce desert ludique le joueur désoeuvré se tourne vers son vieil ami Fallout et se dit ... "Allez, je le réinstalle !" Et bon sang ! Ce jeu est toujours aussi bon !
Tout ce qui lui manque c'est quelques mods !!!
C'est pourquoi je créé cette section. Je vais essayer d'y regrouper les quelques mods que j'aurais pu trouver sur la toile, pour les plus fainéant que moi qui n'ont pas envie de 

MOD ...(lien) Taille Description du Mod (Readme Original) Notes en Français Notes
Editeur ...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
2.56mo . . VO
Encounter boost ...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
23.2Ko Encounter boost is a fix for fallout 2. Alot of people have to fast pc now days to actually encounter anything between towns on worlmap in fallout 2. Its just a tweaked Worldmap file. Place it inside fallout/data/data/worlmap.txt foulder. It should look something like this C:/prgramfiles/blackisle/fallout/data/data/worlmap.txt asuming you have fallout 2 instaled on C: disk inside program files foulder. Old save files will work with this fix too.  Created by Miran & Haris . VO
Fallout 2 "A New Vision"...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
6.42Mo Fallout 2: A New Vision
"A New Vision" is our first major Fallout 2 mod. The mod affects Arroyo, Klamath, its surrounding areas and (well, slightly) The Den.
While creating the mod we focused on: story, character design and dialog. We did our best to make sure that the changes were smooth and did not disrupt the balance and the atmosphere of the game.
The mod incorporates one primary plot with many optional sub-plots. The player's progress depends on both the character's attributes, as well as the way he develops later in the game (for instance, pumping some rarely-used skills gives the player additional abilities).
The mod contains several new maps. For example, Klamath's underground has been completely revised (basically, it's not the Rat Caves that you saw in the original game, but something completely different. Check out the screenshots). Several new locations with special quests have appeared on the world map.
The mod contains a variety of new items, including drugs and weapons. The weapon system incurred several changes - ammo properties have been altered, several weapons have been replaced. Some new features have been introduced to the game - for instance, you can now combine different components to make drugs, etc.
The mod is fused into the Fallout 2 story line. Upon completing the mod you can continue playing the original game.
The mod's features:
    * over 20 characters are involved, with 7 of them being brand-new, while others having new dialogs and quests;
    * more than 30 brand-new items, including new weapons and drugs;
    * some remade areas, several altogether new minor areas have also been added;
    * a significantly altered weapons system, new random encounters, along with many other features.
Mod playing time: 4-5 hours.
Release date: January 24, 2005.
. VO
Living Dead Mod...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
143Ko Fallout 2 Living Dead Mod
Made by Haris & Miran
What this mod is about:
Well this mod reminds a bit of a zombie shooter game. But since this is Fallout 2 you shoot ghouls in graveyard looking dark maps. To add a bit more to difficulty and feeling there are no shops and no heavy or laser guns to be found. You pretty much go around with sawed off shotgun, desert eagle and sub machine gun. There are lot of hidden weapon and ammo stashes and lot of random spawning items in boxes. If one box was empty, second one does not have to be, its totally random what’s going to be in them. Sometimes it can seem that game is impossible, but trust me its tested and you are fully able to survive. So if you get killed allot it just means you are missing something or doing something wrong.
Some  things to think about:
If you step on exit grid that is supposed to take you from one map to another and nothing happens, just walk around on it. They are not bugged, they just work on one spot, which does not really matter since they are not so big.  Ghouls do drop ammo now and than even if it might seem sometimes that none of them does. Search around on maps and always open all boxes you find, it will make the game easier, concerning the ammo shortage.     If constant darkness annoys you pick perk night sight and problem will be less annoying.  Ghouls will only attack you if they see you or if  a ghoul next to them saw you, so if you do not want to get attacked hide behind trees and gravestones.   
patch000 contains all changes that u need to play the mod, it should be placed in fallout 2 foulder so it looks for example like this C:/fallout2/patch000 than you are ready to play. Allso if u get tired of this mod or just simply dont like it, all u have to do is remove file patch000 from fallout 2 foulder and game turns back to regular fallout 2. Allso you must have official fallout 2 patch installed for this to work.
. VO
Wasteland merc mod ...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
8.4Mo Fallout 2-Wasteland Merc mod-Beta
Made by:Haris & Miran
Features:13 custom locations, custom weapons, custom missions and dialogs and more. This is not an add-on, it is a campaign on its own.
Installation: backup your fallout 2.exe and "fallout 2/data" folder and replace them with ones that come with this mod. And you are ready to go. Allso if patch000 file exist in your foulder rename it to something else or move it to another foulder.
We are awere that there might be some minor bugs in the mod and we will fix those if we ever make an update for this mod.
What mod is about: In this mod you are not the chosen or vault dweller but a simple mercenary warrior that goes around in wasteland looking for missions/jobs. All missions/jobs are redoable and are intended to be done several times. If you come to a town and nobody seems to be willing to talk to you that means your not high enough level to get that mission. Than usually they will tell you to get bent or come back when your better in various ways.
Version Beta du Merc Mod, A priori MercMod2 est plus complet mais pese 36mo... VO
Fallout 2
Features: 19 new locations, custom weapons, missions, dialogs and more. This is not an add-on, it is a campaign all its own.
What the mod is about: In this mod you are not the chosen or vault dweller, but a simple mercenary warrior that goes around the wasteland looking for missions/jobs. All missions/jobs are redoable and are intended to be done multiple times. In this sequel of wasteland merc we have taken MMORPG elements to the max in the fallout 2 setting. You are forced to balance your skill points betwen crafting skills (outdoorsman, repair, science, doctor), thieving skills (sneak, lockpick) and combat skills or you can't make it that far.
Here are some of the new features in Wasteland Merc 2: *Mining with the outdoorsman skill by using a pickaxe or drill on rocks in mines.
*Crafting with the science, repair and doctor skills in your factory.
*Fishing in water on coasts with outdoorsman skill by using a fishing rod.
*Boxes in combat locations drop random loot and are locked and sometimes even trapped.
*Cooking by using raw food on any of the ovens.
*A huge number of missions with only money as the reward.
*More Advanced Black market locations that will help you transport ore by giving you certificates and alot more overpriced resource and experience sellers. There's even a doctor npc who can advance your stats for big money.
*You have to hunt for food or you'll have nothing to heal with. So alot of game play will take place in the wasteland hunting for brahmin, rats and geckos then cooking their meat.
*Enemies that are armed with guns and carry ammo will not drop them if they die. The only way to loot their ammo and guns is if you kill them in really special ways. This makes explosives and laser weapons more useful.
**Installation: Backup your fallout 2.exe and "fallout 2/data" folder and replace them with ones that come with this mod and you're ready to go. Also if patch000 file exist in your folder rename it to something else or move it to another folder. We are aware that there might be some minor bugs in the mod and we will fix those if we ever make an update for this mod.
Credits: Haris Tojaga: Direction, Production, Mapping, Engineering Contact at
Miran Tojaga: Lead Scripting Contact at
Carl Ratcliff: Lead Dialog Writer, Proof Reading Contact at
John Dunn: Lead Custom Graphics Artist Contact at
Simon Lindmark : Additional Custom Graphics Contact at
. VO
VAULT NET ADDON For WasteLand Merc2  ...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
1.19Mo Wasteland Merc 2 -Vault Net Add-on  
Note: This is an expansion for Wasteland merc 2 mod. That means that you got to have Wasteland merc 2 mod installed in to your fallout 2 game for this to work. You are required to start a new char for all new features to work. Save file might still work and bug fixes will also work with no restart of char, but new stuff that is added wont appear before you start a new char.
INSTALATION: Take folders \"scripts\", \"proto\", \"data\", \"maps\" and \"text\" that come in this zip file and place then in Fallout2/data folder and override the existing folders. Remember that it requires original wasteland merc 2 mod to work.
Cyborg patch is included in this add-on.
Bug Fixes : -Craftcomp crash if entered in combat (fixed)  -power armour wrong crafting requirements (fixed) -crash if karma to high or low when talking to kingpin, bos quarter master and slave master (fixed)  -random loot boxes in raiders and alien lair in some can no longer be stolen from (fixed)  -Rats now give 25 exp when killed. That was actually just a bug that they didn’t give exp.
Balancing fixes  : -Water is less rare plus we stocked town shops with some more water and stuff like that  -Dog encounters are nerfed -Firewood, junk piles and gold ore weight 1 pound only now -Booze does not weight anything now
New features : -npc that will cook 100 meats for 1000 botlecaps if your speech is above 50%. She will thoe burn around 20-30% of it.   -you can now pay a npc to take you from black market to trashyard and other way around in 1 day time. It costs 1000 botlecap per trip.   -we implemented an expensive device that will teleport you from anywhere to war tech facility if you have science 50%. It will thoe burn out one circuit board each time you do that and damage your char for 100+ hp.  -You will also be able to purchase expensive add-ons for it. 1 will enable you to travel to craft areas (mines and black market) if you science is 75%, 1 will enable you to travel to all civilised areas if your science is 100%, 1 will enable you to travel to all combat areas if your science is 125%, 1 will enable you to travel with no hp damage if your science is 150% and 1 will enable you to travel with no circuit cards burning if your science is 200%.  
-At start there will be a npc that gives you start equipment according to your taged skills. This will make creating the char even a bigger joy. This is what he gives according to those taged skills.  
SMALL GUNS - Mauser, 200 shots - BIG GUNS -Flamer, 50 shots - ENERGY WEAPONS -Plasma blaster, 80 shots - NARMED COMBAT -Spiked knuckles MELEE - Combat knife THROWING -10 glowballs 10 throw knifes FIRST AID -5 rad aways - DOCTOR -20 chemicals SNEAK -Leather Jacket LOCKPICK -Expended lockpicks STEAL -25000 botlecaps - TRAPS -20 glowballs SCIENCE - 20 chemicals REPAIR -10 - steelbars SPEECH -10000 botlecaps BARTER -15000 botlecaps GAMBLING -25000 botlecaps OUTDOORSMAN -100 water, 50 raw meat    - Example if you taged Outdoorsman, Speech and Small guns you will start with 100 water flasks, 50 raw meats, 10000 botlecaps, Mauser and 200 shots for it.
. VO
Fallout 2
. . . VO
Fallout 2
. . .
Fallout 2
. . .
Fallout UpdateMod 1.2.5...(LIEN)
Fallout 1
250Ko Fallout Update Mod" v1.2.5 (Pal, 2005)
This is the first and at this time only Fallout1 mod.  This mod restores quests and people that for some reason haven't been included in the final release of Fallout. The mod adds to Shady Sands, Junk Town, Hub, Adytum and the Brotherhood of Steel.  The mod includes 4 new quests and 27 new people.
. VO
...(LIEN) . . .
Killap Correctif...(LIEN)
Fallout 2
6.46Mo Readme Tres Long en anglais ! Correctif !
...(LIEN) . . . VO